Brooke came in to my life exactly when I needed her! Here is my story and how Brooke helped me:     Back in 2011 my experience with family court/DHR began. I was aware that my son’s paternal grandparents had called DHR on me after becoming aware of my drug addiction. In June 2011, I entered a rehab, and while I was in there they filed a private complaint to DHR. In September 2011 I was made aware of an upcoming court date, and Brooke recommended that before the court date that I check my file to see what all they had disclosed in the motion that was filed and to see what exact steps I should be taking. I had a lawyer, but like most lawyers he had a full case load. He was also confident because I had entered a rehab on my own volition, and I was in an after care program as well as taking drug tests 2 times a week. A week or so before my court date Brooke went with me to where family court is held. She helped me obtain my court file and go through it. At the time I thought that my upcoming court date was about DHR and their conditions. I was wrong. I looked over my file and that is still what I thought. I had no idea what the motions meant or what the jargon said. Brooke went through with a highlighter and highlighted things I had just gone over and I thought had no significance. I was so incredibly wrong. They had filed a motion for custody of my son. Not only that they lied and had made mistakes in their motion. They said that he had lived in their residence since he was born. He had never lived solely with anybody other than me. We had lived with my mom and in our own apartment. We never together lived in their residence. The only time he stayed with them for an extended period more than weekends was when I entered rehab, but his father was also living there. They had also gotten his birthday wrong and misspelled his middle name which may seem insignificant, but as Brooke pointed out if he had been living with them all that time ( at that time my son was 2 years old) they would have known that information. She then recommended from that court date on I should go to the court house every few weeks and get a copy of my file to make sure there would be no more surprises. As well as being extra cautious to them keeping my son. A few court dates came and passed with no real news, because my sons father had to take a paternity test and the results would took a while to get back. Since DHR found me competent to keep my son under the conditions that I kept taking drug tests weekly and stay in a 12- step program, they were not being granted anything until the test came back. My sons grandparents had always said they would drop the case after six months if I stayed clean. They did not. Since I was armed with this knowledge because of Brooke and had her to help me advocate for my son and myself I was able to go through this process with confidence. After exactly 18 months of continued court dates they never gained custody of my son. The case was dropped. Without Brooke I definitely would not have known the exact steps to take to ensure that they would not gain custody of my son. Thank you Brooke!


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  1. Thank you Noelle! I am so happy that things turned out favorable for you. In many cases, like yours, it does not. It is very important to advocate for yourself and to educate yourself on the law and on your case. This is one of many success stories of parents who have learned to navigate the system.


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