I want to help people navigate through the web of Family Court and Probate Court. I found myself locked in a system and never found a manual on how to do it. I want to help protect the rights of biological parents by educating them on the law and teaching them how to advocate for themselves. In 2009, I wrote a bill called “Gracies Bill”, in Alabama, to protect the rights of parents in adoption cases. It is doing very well but has not passed yet. My blog is about parents, thier rights and how to teach parents to be thier own advocate if they find themselves in this type of situation. I will be glad to answer any questions and highly encourage each of you to search out answers for yourself. That is what I had to do and this is my story.

My aunt and uncle got temporary custody of her when she was 6wks old. They had her for two years and I was court ordered to get her back in august of 2004. In January of 2004 they disappeared with her. I didn’t know where they were for 4 years. I found them in 2008 and found out that they had gone to probate court and told them they didn’t know where I was and that I had abandoned her. They adopted her and at 3 1/2yrs old they changed her first, middle and last name.My rights were never terminated and I was never contacted about the adoption hearing to consent or not to consent. We went to court to overturn the adoption but the law says that you can’t for any reason. This adoption was illegal. At the time they disappeared the Court ordered them not to relocate without my permission. They are in contempt of court as well. They keep her away from anyone that knows me trying to hide the truth about what they have done. She thinks that they are her real parents and no one in our family that sees her is allowed to take pictures of her. They seem to not have any plans of undoing what they have done. I wrote a bill called Gracie’s bill to prevent this from happening to other parents and to overturn adoptions in cases like mine and it did well until every avenue I’ve been down the door shut on that too. I have contacted the press, Oprah, Dr. Phil, thousands of attorneys who want to charge me $50k, put out jars without pictures in gas stations, talked to the police, the District Attorney and anyone who will listen to me. I have found many resources both local and national that help in cases in Family/Probate court. Since this time, I have helped over thirty parents to find their way out of system, that seems impossible to fight, and I have helped them get their children back. With my help and the help of the resources I have obtained, I will guarantee that I will be able to help you help yourself, in the fight, for your children



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